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Riksdag member Caroline Szyber, chairman of the Committee on Civil Affairs, replacing the EU committee and the committee of justice, went to Rome earlier this year to follow the Italian elections. During her trip she had the family and everyone stayed four nights at SEK 9,485 at the expense of the Riksdag. If family members are included, the member is responsible for 25 percent of the costs.

"She has clearly seen that she was wrong, she has a lot of insight into the mistakes she has made and she apologized for it, she was completely transparent in those parts, and she makes sure that this will not be repeated, says Ebba Busch. Thor (KD).

It is Szyber second KD member of parliament noted for questionable economic behavior in two days. On Wednesday, Penilla Gunther resigned after the assessment by Aftonbladet of her use of rental cars.

"In the case of Penilla Gunther, I share her opinion that it is not appropriate that she keep her candidacy, it was a decision she took herself, unfortunately, in her case we have a story in which errors have not been reported at a number of occasions, "said Busch Thor.

Peter Kullgren, deputy party secretary and KD leader, it is with his party leader that the mistakes of Caroline Szyber are not as extensive as Penilla Gunthers.

– First, Caroline Szyber made mistakes, but she immediately realized her mistakes. Tell them about them and try to correct them. The money that should have been deducted from these vacancies is deducted as soon as possible from her future remuneration. We still have faith in Caroline Szyber and we have made sure that this will not be repeated ", says Peter Kullgren.

– We have had this kind of discussion with Penilla Gunther before. Then it was about incorrect deductions. mainly according to the Swedish tax authorities. We can say that anyone can make mistakes, but if you repeatedly damage trust, you will eventually reach a point where you can not stay as an MP, "he said.

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