KD party support stops KD-SD call in Sölvesborg – P4 Blekinge

Yesterday, the Christian Democrats and the Swedish Democrats in Sölvesborg held a joint press conference to discuss issues with each other. Robert Manea of ​​KD headed the ballot of the party and was open to any decision with the Swedish Democrats and the moderate countries after the elections.

But the leadership of the Christian Democrats says so certainly not – and last night the party in Sölvesborg made a backup.

"We do not work with SD on a political level and therefore it will be inappropriate if you leave it, even if the ambition was someone else, the image of this will be a collaboration, says Peter Kullgren, the central leader of the Christian Democrats. .

Earlier this day, Robert Manea said why he would discuss issues with the Swedish Democrats:

"We have decided to no longer ignore 23-25 ​​percent of the residents of the municipality," said Robert Manea.

Recently, did you say that you could come up with a rule with you, the moderates and the Swedish Democrats?

– Nothing is impossible. We will see what happens on the night of 9 September.

The fact that civil parties could seek direct cooperation with SD after the elections is a hot political issue and something the red-green people would like to warn about in the electoral movement. However, after discussions between the Christian Democrats in Sölvesborg and the party, there is no discussion or cooperation anymore in Sölvesborg. Peter Kullgren:

– No, they have clearly said that we do not intend to cooperate in the future.

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