KD politician Penilla Gunther will return after assessment

Penilla Gunther has been a member of Parliament for the Christian Democrats since 2010. During the last tenure, she made several private trips with rental cars that were paid by the Riksdag. It shows an assessment as Aftonbladet did.

"That's right, she's leaving", says Ofelia Namazova Venneman, about the press release from the Christian Democrats.

Recognize that she has done wrong

The cost of rental cars from SEK 200,000 is higher than that of any other member of the Riksdag.

"I am waiting for definitive answers from the national government, whether or not I am affordable, but I understand the need for peace for the party and therefore decide to resign at the Riksdag," said Penilla Gunther in a press release.

She now resigns as MP for the remainder of the term of office.

"I'm sorry if I'm wrong, and I'm willing to take the steps that the Riksdag government can decide.

Different times

In one of the cases that appeared in the assessment, the member of the MP rented a car under his own
greed and let the taxpayer stand for the bill. On another occasion Penilla Gunther rented one
car in Stockholm and drove to a dive in Falköping. In another case she went home with the family of Gröna Lund to Trollhättan and it took 4
SEK 000 received taxpayers.

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