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Only on Sunday 30 bodies were found after people who died in floods, reports the AFP news agency. Since the monsoon that began in June, the enormous and deadly amounts of water that destroyed many villages in the state of Kerala, more than 400 people died.

It is the worst we have experienced in a hundred years, says Alexander Devasia by telephone to TT from the village of Chettikad north of the port of Alappuzha.

Thousands of helpers

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Volunteers save villagers in the Chengannur area of ​​the South Indian state of Kerala. Poor fishermen and their boats have played an important role in the rescue work.

Alexander Devasia & # 39; s city has done quite well in the storm, he says. But parts of his family lived in the area around the city of Chengannur, which is one of the hardest hit.

It is really bad there. All roads have been destroyed and you can not get there or from there. It will take a long time to repair, he says.

Relatives have been forced to seek refuge in one of more than 5,600 temporary relief camps set up in Kerala to save those whose homes have turned red or become uninhabitable. According to the authorities, more than 700,000 people are in the camps.

They have not yet become ill, but who knows what will happen? says Alexander Devasia.

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The state of Kerala, India, is experiencing the worst flooding for a decade after the monsoon rain of the year.

Fruit epidemic

Diseases in the floods are currently the main fear. It is difficult to find clean drinking water, and despite the fact that aid organizations have intensified their activities, large parts of Kerala's 33 million inhabitants still have no supplies and no access to electricity. The health authorities have sent representatives to villages to check whether infectious diseases are not beginning to spread.

Epidemics will be the next part of this disaster. Everywhere there is clay and water. All houses have been destroyed. There are a lot of snakes since the snakes are coming, "said Sonja Dunkars from Stockholm.

She canceled her vacation in India to help people in their place.

Where I have been, in the area of ​​Trivandrum in the north of Kerala, the ground floor of the hospitals is under water.

Canceled the holiday

Poor fishermen are the ones who have escaped people with their boats, says Dunkars. She has collected money from friends in Sweden and is in a store in the granite state Tamil Nadu when TT catches her.

I have bought clothing, sheets, milk outlet, soap and disinfectant. I will immediately buy medication, she says.

Oron is now growing because the disaster will hit the important tourist sector for the state. Several central tourist resorts are the ones that have suffered the worst.

It will turn them off for a long time, "said Sonja Dunkars.

After a week of heavy monsoon rain, the air has fallen for a few days. The army continues its search for survivors. Only on Sunday were 22,000 people saved, according to AFP. In some villages people have been stranded and killed by the powerful water currents in their homes.

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