Kingsley Sarfo is tried in court

Calls on the HD: "All agree"

Footballer Kingsley Sarfo is also convicted in the courtroom for rape against children for two years and eight months.

However, the judgment will be filed with the Supreme Court.

"I want to try the issue of the girl's age," says lawyer Mikael Sundman to Aftonbladet.

In September 2017 British player Kingsley Sarfo was suspected of rape against children. The crime rate was recorded for the sexual exploitation of children after detention negotiations and Sarfo was released.

In January he was arrested for another case of rape against children. The prosecutor argued that Sarfo had sex twice with a girl under 15 – what is considered rape against children.

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Sarfo recognized that he had sex with the girl, but said he did not know she was that young. He also claimed that sexual intercourse should have taken place on another occasion – for which he was not charged.

That statement did not buy the court, but sentenced him to two years and eight months to prison and to ten years of expulsion.

The verdict was challenged and today, Tuesday, the message came: The court of appeal determines the court's verdict without any changes.

"Given that my client has left and is not released, I am not surprised about the sentence," said lawyer Mikael Sundman to Aftonbladet.

Even the court of appeal is of the opinion that it was proven that the girl during the meeting was younger than 15 years and that the footballer realized it.

Defense minister Mikael Sundman says, however, that they will challenge the verdict at the Supreme Court.

He and Sarfo have agreed before the judgment of the court of appeal.

"We will apply for a probationary permit at the Supreme Court, and I want to investigate the question of the girl's age at the highest level," said Sundman.

"Complicates the process"

Prosecutor Rikard Darell is pleased that the court has pronounced the court's decision. He thinks that the case was complicated to drive when Sarfi's lawyer was standing up and always provided new evidence.

– Even a witness was heard for the first time during the hearing. It complicates the process. Fortunately, I had a good police investigator who was able to handle it during the trial, "said Rikard Darell, prosecutor.

He has no comments that Kingsley Sarfo will appeal to the Supreme Court, but believes that the issue of the girl's age has been investigated.

– We have obtained a copy of the girl's birth certificate. In addition, we have heard her mother and another person. So there has never been a concrete reason to prove her age.

"No room for doubt"

Prior to the trial in the court of appeal, the defense chose to call three new witnesses. According to Sarfo, they could prove that he had no fellowship with the girl at the time.

But it did not buy the court.

"The information from the new witnesses in court is not incompatible with what the girl said and leaves no doubt about the fact that they were in the way they told them," said Bob Nilsson Hjorth, court.

Sarfo was taken over by Malmö FF for multiple amounts, but was fired after imprisonment in court.

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