Lack of feed causes LRF to reduce fauna – P4 Östergötland

Klövviltet already causes major damage to agriculture in some parts of southern Sweden and LRF now wants to see a sharp decline in the tribes in the wild.

Bertil Gunnar is a part-time resident with forestry, molluscs and sheep. He lives in Ulveryd near Kimstad in Östergötland, in an area where dovhjortar causes serious damage to agriculture.

"They eat so that there is no more crop that is ripe, most of it is eaten as the ears, the same applies to the mushrooms, and in the case of the grains there are people who get the whole harvest in the wild," he says. .

The number of deaf loved ones in the area there He has been living strong in recent years. In a few years the number almost doubled from 65 to 115 deaf actions per 1000 hectares, according to estimates in the area of ​​elk care.

One day Bertil Gunnar visited 72 deaf acts on a field harvest of three hectares.

"A year like this year, when there is a lack of feed, it feels extra heavy that it is eaten," he says.

According to LRF, game damage is in agriculture the largest in Sörmland, Östergötland, Kalmar, Skåne and parts of Blekinge. But it can vary greatly from place to place.

Anders Wetterin, expert in hunting and hunting problems at LRF, says that only wild boar causes agricultural damage for an estimated 1.1 billion kroner per year. Such estimates do not exist for deer animals.

But the damage is far too large to be acceptable, according to LRF. The drought and feed shortages this year are making the problem worse for many farmers. And now the LRF wants to see an increased disruption of the clover game.

"It is a year in which we actually have to have a higher depreciation than normal, because our members, farmed farmers, have to kill animals early because there is no feed, and unfortunately it is in nature. If there is no food, one must try to adjust the number of animals to the feed, says Anders Wetterin.

He says that the LRF is now confused Another wants to see longer hunting times on deer and deer. He hopes that we will be able to reach a consensus with the organizations of hunters to reduce tensions in the game.

"I think we can fight with the hunting organizations if this can take some time.

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