Lena Mellin in the first division between Ulf Kristersson (M) and Stefan Löfven (S).

Valspurtens' first game between prime ministers was in many ways a mysterious story. The biggest disagreement applies to taxes – the watershed between S and M.

But that the Alliance copied the spatial policy, Stefan Löfven felt totally wrong. Then they would not really have done that.

The game in SVT lasted an hour and summarizes it briefly: Stefan Löfven (S) and his challenger Ulf Kristersson (M) agree with Sweden's most pressing problem. But what will be done to repair them is their deep disagreement.

The biggest disagreement applies to taxes. It is the turning point between the Social Democrats and the moderates.

Stefan Löfven has been since he became The president of the Social Democrats accused the moderate groups and the alliance of a diminishing tax in their time that it became too little for prosperity. Of course he could not let that happen during the SVT debate, but repeated it a great number of times.

He also accuses the Alliance government of encouraging unemployment and raising government debt.

It is a wrong photo and Ulf Kristersson also pointed out some warmth. When Fredrik Reinfeldt was prime minister for two years, the financial crisis caused a slowdown in the world economy. Only now the effects of the deepest economic crisis of 80 years have passed.

For Sweden, the adverse effects were affected considerably lighter than in most parts of the world. Partly because the then Minister of Finance, Anders Borg (M), went to an old proven route method, a bridging policy.

In short, it is about stimulating the household economy, in this case with reduced taxes. Then consumers continue to trade, causing the economy to shrink less than would otherwise have been the case.

But of course the consequences of a global economic downturn of the engine do not fail. At least not in a country dependent on exports like Sweden. As a result, unemployment increased.

The historian wants Stefan Löfven not knowing, neither the international crisis nor the dammed police policy. That is why he marries, year in, year out.

Löfven also said that the moderates want to lower the tax 30 times as often for the rich as for those with the lowest income. Kristersson said it was not true, a bus driver would receive $ 500 a month with M-policy, himself and Löfven only 200.

It is possible that both speak the truth. Everything depends on how to count. Kristersson was talking about income tax, Löfven probably about different taxes.

Stefan Löfven also has an annoying ovana to say that the Alliance wants to reduce taxes by SEK 100 billion. The truth is that one of the four parties currently has no common tax policy. So, they have no idea what they intend to do in that area if they have the confidence to lead the country after the election.

Another topic was about an interview with Ulf Kristersson in the Financial Times newspaper. There M-leader gave an overly negative image of Sweden, thought Stefan Löfven.

"An overthrow," he said.

– Surprisingly, Kristersson said.

So I did not read the interview I have no opinion about the content. But it would be strange if the Swedish opposition leader, who wants to take power, thinks everything is gold and green forests. It is part of the role not to do it.

According to Aftonbladet / Inizio, Kristersson took home the duel victory. He should do that or Stefan Löfven should get a handicap. They are not equal as debaters.

Ulf Kristersson is politically active since he formed a moderate school association in high school. He was a city council in several municipalities, was in parliament and was minister of foreign affairs. He has a long political career behind him.

Stefan Löfven was active in SSU. But full-time politician became his first 2012 when he was elected as S-leader.

Politics is a craft in many ways. It takes time to learn.

This is Lena Mellin 00:25

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