Less punishment after group violence in Malmö

The abuse in a basement in Lindängen in Malmö in February leads to closed youth care for a seventeen-year-old boy, even in court. But he gets the fine reduced to six months lock-in.

The gang who met during the rape knew that she was "cuddled", she moved strange and talked slowly, it tells everyone in questioning. Nevertheless, the seventeen had sex with her. He claims that it was voluntary.

Two courts have now been ruled out altogether – even the court of appeal states that what happened in a basement room in Lindängen in February of this year was rape and nothing else.

Everything started with finding a fleeing woman lying on the floor in the Lindängen library, early in the morning of February 3rd. She had a foster home and only had pantyhose and parka & # 39; s. The temperature was immediately below the two minus degrees.

The hard woman was taken to the emergency room. Only when she came home the next day with a relative, she discovered that she had been raped.

She told her that she met a bunch of boys in the evening before she was fired. Earlier that day she was hospitalized because of drug impact and bad mental state, but she pressed at 6.30 pm and went to the center of Lindängen.

"She brought her things in a blue IKEA box and even had a handbag," the judgment shows. But she could not sleep anywhere.

That was what the boys could offer, they said, and brought her to a cellar. Moreover, one of them arranged sleeping pills, for which she paid after she had spent money in an ATM.

In the basement, the mood quickly warmed up, according to the woman. And the seventeen forced her to court to "oral community". to call.

Several young boys were arrested the following months. The evidence against them includes surveillance films from the area, but also a thorough technical investigation of the basement. The DNA of the seventeen was found on a pillow.

That a sexual act has occurred is no objection, but the question is whether it can be qualified as rape or not.

Undoubtedly, the court in particular means that the woman "was in a particularly vulnerable situation because of drug influence".

The seventeenth year tells herself that she was so bad that she could not enter the code for her own ATM card in the machine. They had to help her & # 39 ;.

And the seventeen do not think it something strange, as he said in court. No wonder an unknown unknown woman would like to have sex with him, especially for others.

The court, however, does not regard it as a gross rape – the woman's story is not fully coherent and it can not therefore be established that the crime was committed "together and in agreement with others".

The verdict is nine months of closed youth care, the court of appeal means. In such a sentence, no release will take place after two thirds of the sentence, which incidentally is an exercise. Thus he will only earn six months.

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