Liberals appeal against the decision of the police to grant NMR permission

Like many other parties, the liberals have previously received permission for a team meeting in Kungsholmstorg on Saturday. The police have also given permission to the Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement, NMR, which will be on the southern part of the square.

Now the liberals have it appealed against the permission of NMR to administrative law.

"This demonstration crashes with the planned elections and cities of Liberals in Kungsholmstorg, and the NMR demonstration route passes a number of places where the parties in the City Council of Stockholm have had square meetings, and if the demonstration of the NMR is carried out, it means that the liberals can not exercise their democratic rights to campaign before the 9 September elections, "says DN.

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"We have planned our own activities in Kungshomen and it is not OK for the Nazis to stand in the way of the democratic process, because Kungsholmsborna severely regains their democratic rights because they can not participate in the electoral movement. they are appealing, not just us, but we appeal individually, says Martin Ängeby.

Martin Ängeby was in place at the book fair in Gothenburg, where NMR was allowed to march last autumn. He says that this meant that people did not dare to go to the book fair and believe that the same will be the result if they have to demonstrate at Kungsholmen.

"You allow the Nazis to stand for the rights of others and that is not right, they have the right to express themselves, but not to interfere with the democratic rights of others.

The police say they have a large police force to ensure that people dare to attend your squadron. Do you think that's enough?

"No, you saw it clearly in Gothenburg, there are Nazi demonstrations somewhere, so people choose not to go there.

What do you hope that your appeal will lead to the NMR being stopped?

"I have no experience with this, but we have all the right of the police to hold a squadron meeting and it is clear to us that we will not be able to speak to the voters at that place, so I hope really that the administrative law will change the decision of the police, says Martin Ängeby.

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