Liberals want to hire 12,000 health care workers through environmental efforts

On Sunday, the Liberals presented their proposal for an environmentally friendly commitment to Swedish health care. It involves hiring a total of 12,000 emergency workers to relieve nurses, says Jan Björklund, party leader.

"It is a waste of highly trained nurses to transport food trays and beds and transport patients, and we want to relieve the nurses by re-introducing their careers," he says.

By the state receives SEK 2 billion a year during the next tenure and by adding the corresponding amount of district councils thousands of health care assistants, according to the liberals, can work in Swedish care. The proposal is a development of the party's earlier idea to reinstall health care assistants to carry out "simpler tasks", as the party expressed it on DN Debate in February 2016.

Since then, according to Jan Björklund, the need is even greater and that is why the current proposal is more extensive. He also believes that it was the Social Democrats who, for ideological reasons, have removed the care bites that were previously in Swedish health care.

– Those who pushed it out. It is about a kind of left thinking that everyone would be equal in the field of health care. The problem was only that it did not work. Now we have a shortage of nurses. And that the care rows have grown, is also due to the lack of staff, says Jan Björklund.

When the proposal becomes reality is the intention that it can be implemented in a very short time. Jan Björklund says that "you can already hire next year". He also emphasizes that the proposal will be both a solution for the health sector and the labor market by increasing the number of individual jobs, since one can work as a care assistant without the long training needed to become a nurse.

"The point is that it solves many problems at the same time," says Jan Björklund.

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