Lindestam rejects cheating with travel ticket – P4 Gävleborg

It was this summer that Lindestam, together with his husband, traveled through Stockholm to the Almedalweek on Gotland. Since her overnight apartment was repaired, she and her husband went to a hotel in Stockholm for the further trip to Visby.

25% of the cost of the trip is paid by the accompanying person in accordance with the rules of the Parliament. This has never been done.

When she realized that a review was in progress, Aftonbladet said she would ask for correction. The sum that it concerns is more than 4,500 crowns.

Åsa Lindestam believes that what happened was due to the fact that the finance department of Riksdag paid the bill before it was completed and that the description of the media of what happened did not match.

"I am terrified to be deceived," she says to P4 Gävleborg.

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