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Sunday party party leader Jonas Sjöstedt holds his summer party in Umeå.

Before the speech he presented a new vallöfte of the left party, especially aimed at students.

The party wants to introduce an extra student grant that will be paid out to students at the beginning of the summer when the economy is often poor.

Get two weeks contribution

For the student who studies study funds full-time for one semester, the proposal means that you will receive a scholarship of two weeks, SEK 1548, paid in connection with the end of the semester.

– As it is now, the money ends at the end of the spring term and it takes several weeks before you receive something from your summer job. It is only there when it is needed as much as we think you will receive a two-week contribution. It comes when it's really just a noodle soup, "says Jonas Sjöstedt.

The party also wants to increase funding for student union activities, allocate more money for student health and ensure that the Central Study Support Committee, CSN, works more preventively to prevent people from receiving payment comments.

billion Investment

"It is a part that ends with the Kronofogden with its CSN loans, CSN has started calling and planning how to pay, then there are many more who can handle this without receiving a payment reminder." We want to invest more in this and have a slightly lower reminder costs, "says Jonas Sjöstedt.

In total, the investment of the Left party is estimated at 1.1 billion. The goal, according to the party, is that more people take the challenge to study at the university and college.

When Sjöstedt sat on the speaker's chair on Sunday, he did so with an opinionated tailwind. In August's poll of Demoskop, the party receives 8.8 percent of voters' support.

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