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Lisbeth Palme, widow of Olof Palme, is dead

Lisbeth Palme, former prime minister Olof Palmes widow, has died after a time of illness, announces the family.

Lisbeth Palme was 87 years old.

"We said that we will make no further comments in the family than we left for TT," says Mårten Palme to Aftonbladet.

Lisbeth Palme, widow of former prime minister Olof Palme, is deceased, explains the family of the TT news agency. Lisbet and Olof Palme were married from 1956 until his death 30 years later.

Lisbeth Palme was the main witness who pointed out that Christer Pettersson was guilty of the murder of the Prime Minister in 1986.

The Palme couple had watched the Brothers Mozart film in the grand grand theater in Sveavägen in Stockholm on 28 February 1986 and were on their way home as a man approached from behind.

About 700 meters from the cinema, the man fired a revolver and shot down Olof Palme. Even Lisbeth was spoiled, but the bullet only rubbed her coat.

Despite a conviction in court in 1989, Pettersson was released by the court of appeal. Since then, the murder has not been resolved.

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Lisbeth Palme in Almedalen 2008

Stick to the testimony

Although Pettersson was released, Lisbeth kept his testimony and condemnation of his guilt.

"I can not run any trial, I have left my testimony and the judges have chosen not to believe it, which does not mean that I am not credible to myself, I have taken my responsibility, others can think about whether they are have made their own, but it is best not to examine themselves, she said in an interview with DN 2001.

Several ministers comment on the passing on of social media by Lisbeth Palme.

"Nice Lisbet Palme, always so warm and modest and generous for your environment, you will be missed by many people", writes Minister Lena Hallengren, Elder and Gender Equality on Twitter.

"Nice, wise Lisbet Palme has disappeared, rest in peace," says Foreign Minister Marstr Wallström.

Lisbeth Palme leaves the sons of Mårten, Mattias and Joakim.

Lisbeth Palme

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