Long queues on the E4 after a truck accident

At 2.37 p.m. on Monday afternoon SOS Alarm was warned that two lorries collided with traffic on the south at the traffic control place Krängsberg between Jönköping and Vaggeryd.

It turned out that a farmer had driven a work vehicle, a TMA car that worked to mow grass along the road.

"It was a crash accident and both vehicles had to be transported from the site," said Michael Simmeborn, internal officer in the rescue service.

In addition to the two directors, no additional person was involved.

– Ambulance employees are currently looking at one of the drivers. It is unclear whether the person should accompany the hospital, but there are no serious injuries, says Simmeborn just after 3 pm.

Later it turned out that one of the victims had been brought to the hospital with minor injuries.

The driver suspected

The accident led to the formation of queues in the afternoon traffic.

– It passes more slowly in a file. It stagnates a bit, but it is about to be resolved, says Simmeborn.

At 3.40 pm the courier was in place and worked with both trucks. According to the police, the E4 south could be fully closed during the repository work. At 17 o'clock both trucks were worn, but there were still queues on the spot at that moment.

The driver of the farmer is suspected of negligence in traffic.

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Photo: Magnus Granhagen / Image Browser

Photo: Benjamin Munton / Image Browser

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