Lövin: Foreign beef must be more expensive

Since Sweden joined the EU, the number of farms in the country has dropped by almost 25,000 companies, according to figures from the Swedish Agricultural Agency. 14 000 farms are closed each year. In that situation, the Environment Party now wants to increase Sweden's self-sufficiency rate for food from 50 to 80 percent.

– We need a strategy for that. This is something that the Farmers' Association also wants. We need a cross-border agreement to get more self-sufficiency, she says during the hearing.

More expensive "full of meat"

One way to increase the consumption of Swedish food is that foreign "full of meat" becomes more expensive, according to Lövin.

– It is not sustainable that cheap meat is produced with animal welfare standards that are not allowed in Sweden. That is why the Environmental Party proposes to introduce an antibiotic tax, a tax on the meat produced by the routine use of antibiotics, says Isabella Lövin.

More expensive meat simply?

– More expensive imported meat for Nowadays, meat is cheaper than ever.

Printed by the questions

But if it is the plan in general to increase the consumption of Swedish food, Lövin would not answer when forced by the questions Camilla Kvartoft and Anders Holmberg .

Is this the way to bring the Swedish production to the fore – that it will be more expensive with foreign food. Do you think that in a number of areas?

– We believe animal welfare is extremely important. The WHO fully agrees that excessive use of antibiotics is a threat to humanity …

Want to do as in Finland

But that was not the question. Is it the way to get there that foreign food becomes more expensive?

– We can still export and import food, but it is important to ensure that we have sustainable agriculture in the long term. [19659002] But sorry, if we are going to buy more Swedish, is the way to get there that foreign food becomes more expensive?

– The important thing is not that we only eat Swedish food. The most important thing is that we get production in Sweden so that we get more self-sufficiency. In cases where we suffer from extreme weather conditions, we must ensure that we have a goal, just as you have in Finland where you have an 80 percent target.

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