Magdalena Count goes to Thailand to heal

Magdalena Graaf, 43, has left Sweden. In the near future, the TV profile will be issued at the spa town of Kamalaya Koh Samui in Thailand.

"Super nice, really great to get a kickstart before the fall, real time and new start, best present for myself," she writes in a text message.

Magdalena Graaf tells her blog that she is traveling alone. The reason is that she needs grief and the processing of feelings that have been swept under the carpet.

"Scream, I have a huge need to cry, I feel, it just burns under the eyelids, of course, madam, relationships, decisions, missing wounds that have never been taken care of," she writes.

The family wholeheartedly supports the decision of Magdalena Graaf. The programmer writes that she has not been good in recent years and that the environment understands that & # 39; sobriety & # 39; is crucial for her husband.

"Thank you, loved family who set aside your own destiny and let me do it for free and for free.Mourn, treat and become the best mother and friend of the world.Thanks you have not been blamed or guilty of me" she writes.

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To solve the problems

The coming weeks wait for a strict schedule of meditation, detox, stress management, training and mobile bans.

On her blog, Magdalena Graaf tells her that she has a checklist with things she has to deal with.

Count will, among other things, face his panic attacks and disaster tanks. She also plans to stop all forms of withdrawal medicines, such as antidepressants, nicotine and alcohol.

Four years ago, Magdalena Graaf lost his 19-year-old son Isak. She has shared herself openly with grief and pain.

"I have learned to live with the pain, then you have days when you do not feel comfortable, I try to see that – I borrowed him, and talk a lot about him and all the nice memories. you do not want to talk about it, but talking about Isaac and telling stories is like you're taking him back for a few seconds, she said recently in an interview in the podcast & # 39; Nemo meets a friend & # 39 ;.

Earlier this year, the TV profile left her job as a profit distributor in the "Postcode Lottery" on TV4 after ten years, and she thinks that she is currently being cheated with the feeling of being unemployed.

Expressen has requested Magdalena Count.

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