Make your choice within 60 seconds – for those who decide at the last minute

Make a choice in 60 seconds – for those who decide at the last moment – Smålands Dagblad

Smålands Dagblad

Now there are only a few days before the election and the newspaper gives each party 60 seconds to motivate why they simply vote for their party in the municipality of Eksjö.


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More security houses for the elderly who want to leave their villas, social democrats are considered an important electoral problem. Other houses must also be built to give people a home, preferably in wood.

Businessman in the fingertips was he, Nässjöbon, the broker and auctioneer Folke Pettersson, who is now deceased at the age of 85.

The team of Nässjö FF is too thin and now begins to take his right.
It regards coach Ninos Töre after the loss against Dalstorp.
"We knew about the situation but did not do anything about it," he said.

The Christian Democrats Anton Axelsson seems to have gone to Brinellgymnasite with withdrawn students in connection with the request of a politician.

The government proposes a tightening of the purchase of meat.
"There was a crisis in attention," said Christian Democrat Sigvard Karlsson.
He thinks that the case is surrounded by hypocrisy for too long.

One of the center's candidates was summoned on Thursday for threatening political work. The threat is taken seriously and is warned by the police.

With both serious and infectious positive energy, Minister of Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke paid a long-awaited visit to Nässjö. She was greeted with heavy rain and warm smiles.

She puts colorful wooden carpets over stacked wooden pallets. Then the environmental activist, Elin Enhäll, places himself in a green decorated P-square near Stortorget. She hopes that it will awaken thoughts. What do we do from our public spaces?

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