Man arrested for murder attempt –

It was just after 4:00 am that the police were warned of a home in Karlsborg where several people should have been. However, when the police arrived at the residence, there was no suspected perpetrator.

Several witnesses were arrested in the residence, also blocked for a technical investigation.

By that time 05, a man at the age of 50 could be suspected of attempting murder.

Early on Sunday morning, the police in Skövde did not go out with more details. At 8 o'clock, however, it was announced that the suspect 50-year-old was arrested by prosecutors.

– I have never heard of the prosecutor's situation, so I do not know if we could have an interview with him, "said police press informant Ulla Brehm 19659002] It is unclear what the two men did for each other

Was it related to a party that the assassination occurred?

– It is unclear, but we know that different people was located at the address.

According to that 47-year-old was sent to the hospital in Skövde, where he is now being cared for an average injury.

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