Many wanted to follow Eric Torell until the last rest – News (Ekot)

The bustle of the church was quickly filled with hundreds of participants, many people who take care of and flowers in their hands.

"It feels like it is very unhappy from the beginning to the end.How many unfortunate circumstances, and so it is, it is sad, says Karin Johansson, who has been close to the family for many years.

The ceremony contained including music by guitarist Janne Schaffer, Peter Ljung on the piano and Moa Lignell on guitar and vocals.

During the resignation, there were several people who were noticeably taken along.

"This has affected me so much, and I want to be present and express my support," said Maj-Britt Heinilä, who was one of the visitors.

That was the other August this year, the 20-year-old Eric Torell is shot dead by a policeman at Norra Stationsgatan in Stockholm. He had Down syndrome and autism. According to his mother, he was on a mental level of three years. The police shot several shots in the belief that he was armed, but in fact it was a plastic rifle that he held in which he received a gift when he filled five.

The event received a lot of attention and, in threatening situations, generated a lot of discussion about the education and routines of the police. But what exactly happened has not yet been clarified. The police's own investigation, which includes misconduct and detention against the death of another person, is still ongoing. According to Martin Tidén, public prosecutor and researcher, this will take time.

– It is important that this, like all other studies, is done in the right way. That we enable all available stones. And it takes time, Tidén says.

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