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Heavy flaming candles completed the otherwise heavy gold, ores and marble furniture of the church.

Many participants embraced each other when they were seen inside and outside the church.

The ceremony started with the clock and music of the guitarist Janne Schaffer, Peter Ljung on the piano and Moa Lignell on guitar and vocals. What was said was "In the arms of great sorrow" and "I want my own moon", written by Kenneth and Ted Gärdestad.

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The funeral of Eric Torell in the Gustaf Vasakerk. Eric Torell was shot by the police in August.

Eric thought music and Gerdestad were favorite, said Pär Friberg, the priest at the ceremony.

Loving young man

Pär Friberg drew the image of an empathetic, loving young man who, among many others, thought of motorcycles, swimming and dancing.

He was social and open and had humor.

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The funeral of Eric Torell in the Gustaf Vasakerk. Eric Torell was shot by the police in August.

Friberg also told Eric Torell about the police.

And he was very happy that he drove four years ago in a coach bus, to the gate at home, and as a thank you the female police got a kiss.

Friberg also raised the feelings of sadness and despair for Eric Torell's closest and said:

He will stay in your heart.


Torell was shot dead by a policeman who shouted from an alarm about an armed man. Exactly what has happened is still under investigation.

The event brought a lot of attention and upset. Many have also expressed their support for the family and have gladly honored Eric Torell's memory.

The family has said that the support has helped them a lot in the problems and that the funeral service is accessible to everyone.

One of the two priests who hold the funeral service is Johan Stiernstedt, now retired, who once named Eric Torell in the Gustaf Vasakerk.

After prayer and Bible reading, Johan Stiernstedt called for a song:

Then we will sing, proud and finally, Psalm 297: The earth is wonderful.

During the subsequent resignation there were several people who walked remarkably while the pile of flowers on the coffin grew slowly.

After the ministry, a commemoration ceremony would be held in the circle of the nearest one.

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