Mass Fritz has issued warnings from the Bar Association

She is one of Sweden's most famous lawyers and is known as the victim of crime victims.

But Elisabeth Massi Fritz has also been criticized, for salted bills and for harassing his employees, as revealed in Aftonbladet / Viafree's "200 second" review program.

Now the Law Society has given her a warning and the maximum possible penalty compensation – SEK 50,000.

Four members, and secretary-general Anne Ramberg, wanted Massi Fritz to be excluded.

Lawyer Elisabeth Massi Fritz has worked for many years as a plaintiff, ie the one who represents victims of crime in a trial. Her focus was on women and she also raised questions about women's rights outside the court.

During the MeToo movement last fall, she became one of the vanguard figures and represented several women who reported that they were being sexually abused.

"Worst employer"

But at the same time, in February, in a review of the 200 seconds program of Aftonbladet / Viafrees & # 39 ;, a large number of previous employees testified how they were driving their iron garden.

"It is absolutely the worst employer, it was every day clean and cold anxious, told one of the 16 former employees" 200 seconds "spoke with.

"You always had stomach pain when you went to work," another said.

Elisabeth Massi Fritz also left bad reviews about the employees who resigned from her desk.

"It was suggested that I had alcohol problems and problems with sexual contact," says a former employee.

Photo: Christian Johansson / AFTONBLADET / 85764

Twelve of the former colleagues also witnessed how Elisabeth Massi Fritz called them to charge more for more hours.

Leaks from the court

And in the case of Massi Fritz himself, the courts left her on every fourth bill of costs, so the court meant that her bills were unreasonably high.

During the review, it was also argued that in many cases Elisabeth Massi Fritz did not represent the victim she had been assigned to help. Instead, she sent colleagues from the desk.

After the evaluation, the Law Society decided to initiate a so-called disciplinary action against Massi Fritz.

"In the interest of these writings today, I have initiated a disciplinary investigation to investigate what has happened," said Anne Ramberg, secretary general of the Law Society.

"There are many different statements that need to be examined and they should be able to respond to them.

Research ready – five wanted to exclude Massi Fritz

The law firm's investigation is now complete and today Elisabeth Massi Fritz was heard at a meeting in the community's buildings.

In the afternoon the Law Society announced that they would give Elisabeth Massi Fritz a warning and that she would pay 50,000 crowns in fine, the highest possible that society can distribute.

Four of the eleven members of the Disciplinary Board and the Secretary-General wanted Massi Fritz to be excluded from the rule of law.

She can also pay the costs of her own defense, a cost of 218,000 SEK.

Aftonbladet is looking for Elisabeth Massi Fritz.

The three headlines today Monday, August 27 00:29

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