Mellerudsbon Åsa Spetz nightmare after a stomach operation

In spite of several dietary attempts, she had continuously gained weight throughout her life, she says.

That is why Mellerudsbon Åsa Spetz opted for a gastrointestinal operation, a so-called gastric bypass, which P4 West reported earlier.

It would be an investment in life, she thought.

"I had limited mobility, osteoarthritis in one knee and high blood pressure and felt that I had to do something about it – I was afraid of my own health, says Åsa Spetz, who also suffers from fibromyalgia, which contributes to muscle pain.

"I constantly feel bad"

That's why in December 2014 she had 100,000 crowns from her pocket to undergo a private operation.

Soon four years later her life has been turned upside down. Because of recurrent complications, she has been operated on six times.

Despite this she continues to spy on bugs, something that makes her fall asleep now.

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In the worst case, she lost 30 kilos in just four months.

"I've been ill for three or three years, I can not sleep at night and I have fever almost every day, I feel bad all the time, the worst is, I want to do so, but the body does not work," she says.

"When I see myself in the mirror, I think I see a ghost, I feel like an invalid.

The last time she was working was last fall, that time in Sahlgrenska. Then the stomach was removed and a new one formed – from her intestines.

"I would not do surgery until my body is so disturbed, doctors say I've done too much of six operations," said Åsa Spetz.

"Want to discourage as much as I can"

How are you doing these years?

"The worst thing is that I can not plan my life anymore, I try to think positively, otherwise it would be sloppy, but the days when it is the worst, feel like a plague," she says.

Now she wants to warn others to undergo a similar operation.

"I knew you could have side effects, but not such terrible complications, I had heard that I had never," she said.

She continues:

"I want to advise people and warn them as much as possible, I have seen so many patients," says Åsa Spetz.

Three percent suffers

In total, about 5,000 fetal operations are performed each year in Sweden.

Three percent of these patients suffer from serious complications, according to a report from the Scandinavian registry for obesity surgery.

"It is quite unusual, but Åsa is not the first to happen, but it should not be forgotten that most people feel good and benefit from surgery, but unfortunately it is a part that occurs for more or less complications," says Bengt Hallerbäck. , GP at the Näls Surgery Clinic.

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