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"I understand that it is striking, but it is also true that we can not register the assistants and what political opinions they have," says Magnus Bengtson, who is responsible for the asylum process at the Swedish migration council.

So, in principle, can you make statements and still have no risk of getting new orders from you?

"I would say that if you make statements and come to court because you are doing something criminal, the case will be in a different position and we will look at it.

During the day we reported that all group leaders in Nyköping's policy of the Migration Committee require that they stop Jessica Ohlson, refugee lawyer in Nyköping, who is also party secretary of the xenophobic party Alternative for Sweden (Afs). According to the Swedish Migration Board, however, it does not matter if she has been guilty of a violation.

Jessica Ohlson is a police officer. If she falls for the court, for example against a group of people because of her generalizing and xenophobic statements during the elections, it can be the task of the Migration Committee to stop her as future legal support for asylum seekers. If she is free, she can continue if she wants. So she expressed herself at the AFS election meeting in Nyköping:

"Brandkärr is a society in a society and these people do not want to be integrated in Sweden, they will never be part of Swedish society."

She herself sees no problem in getting her two roles together.

– As a lawyer I apply the existing law and as a politician I want to make new laws. I have no problem to distinguish between politics and law.

Are there no serious generalizations that you owe to the meeting?

– No, I would not say that. We argue, as I said, for a return of those who could not adapt in Sweden? There is no reason that they stay behind here.

Magnus Bengtson from Migrationsverket again:

– Is the criminal what she says, then it is not appropriate if you are being fooled by, for example, a group of peoples.

But do you understand that it is strange that you are in a square and you express these views and that you participate in such a party and receive orders from you?

"I understand very well that you think it's weird.

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