Mikael, 50, has sadly killed the EU migrant

A week after the man was found dead, when an autopsy was carried out, the crime breakthrough was changed from suspected cause to another person's death to suspected murder.

At this moment a minor is arrested for the murder and another youngster is suspected of murder.

Mikael Good, 50 years old, was familiar with the man in Huskvarna.

"I was completely harassed when I received the death penalty, and that children kill a person is completely absurd, he says.

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"He kept himself"

Because of the language differences, there were no long conversations that Mikael had with the man. But he tells us that at one point he had an interpreter who was talking to the man.

He told me he came here from Romania four years ago. He was divorced and had two adult children. In his homeland he worked as a typographer in a printing house. But the printer went on and he left without work. That is why he was looking for a new job in Sweden.

"It did not work anymore, he just managed to find a good job here", continues Mikael.

In total, four teenagers are currently suspected of the murder.


According to the duties of the police, the man slept in the park in Huskvarna, where he was found dead.

"He was a lot to himself, but he was calm and had no idea.When there were warm feelings, migrants intervened, often appearing at the Salvation Army.

Irene Lindahl (70), working at Church Help in Jönköping, also mourns the man she met in the company. She shares Mikael Goods' opinion that the man is often retired, but also says:

"He was a calm and friendly man, and although he could get away from the others, he was a neutral friend of the other migrants who visited us, she says.

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Teenagers suspected of murder

During the month of Monday, a teenager was arrested for the murder of the man. Earlier on Tuesday, P4 Jönköping stated that another teenager, younger than 15, is also suspected of murder.

The police have previously also made suspicions against two more young people about unreasonable and unlawful threats to the man. According to a press contact with the municipality of Jönköping, social services are connected to the case.

"He could say that he blames young people who have done stupid things, and then there can be many mouthworms from the juvenile side," says Mikael Good.

Now Mikael hopes that the murder will be cleared up.

"It is absurd how someone can take care of a sick and weak person," he says.

On Tuesday afternoon, the police will hold a press conference about the murder of the EU migrant.

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