Mikail Yüksel is excluded from the Center Party in Gothenburg

The party secretary Michael Arthursson explains for TT that the reason for this is that Yüksel had previously co-existed with the Turkish right-wing organization Gray Wolves.

He did not tell the party, according to the party secretary.

"Yesterday (Tuesday), we became aware that he has a much stronger connection with the High Extreme Organization Gray Walls than we had known before," said Michael Arthursson, party secretary at TT.

The decision was taken by the National Agency.

Refuses to coincide with the Gray Wolves

Yüksel is the second name of the party leader Annie Lööf in the local parliament.

Mikail Yüksel, vice president of the Göteborg Center and top candidate on the Riksdag, has a campaign in Turkey this summer, along with other Swedish politicians with Turkish roots.

Yüksel tells TT that he did not know he was excluded and denied having made a partnership with the Gray Wolves.

– No, I have never been a member of another political party. I have a separate version to tell and will soon make a statement on my Facebook ", says Mikail Yüksel, at TT.

Criticized by Kurdo Baksi

Yüksel then met the Swedish citizen with voting rights in the city of Kulu, your many with a Turkish background go on holiday.

Mikail Yüksel was criticized by social supporter Kurdo Baksi, who in a debate article in the GT asked the question about the center in Gothenburg "has an Erdogan megaphone as a top candidate".

Baksi writes that "the whole Erdogan machine" Yüksel suggests that the Gothenburg politician supports the regime.

In a debate Mikail Yüksel called the accusations of "lying hopes and demanding apology by Kurdo Baksi for what he meant conspiracy theories.

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