Mileage oil spill in the sea outside Gothenburg

During the Sunday the Coast Guard was warned by oil jets in the water between Vinga and the entrance to Gothenburg.

The marine surveillance aircraft of the coast guard has gone up and down with a belt of smaller oil pellets.

– The area is just over two kilometers, one hundred meters wide. But it is not so tight. There is no shock of oil, but it is inconvenient, "says Hanna Bühler Adolfsson.

"It mainly consists of chunks, from widgets to tennis balls in size, so far we have not found any more oil than this version, and we hope that will be the case.

Emission source unknown

An environmental vessel has been asked to start remediation.

– We also have three devices that map the spread. Part of the oil has ended up on the surrounding islands and the rescue service helps with the decontamination, "says Bühler Adolfsson.

What the release caused is unknown.

"The traffic in this area is very intensive and we can not divert the oil to a specific ship at the moment," says Ragnhild Bussqvist, vice-governor of the coastguard.

Temporary rehabilitation work

The repair work is facilitated by the fact that the oil is in lumps.

"They are not so sticky, and that is positive, it is relatively cold, so they can be picked up quite easily, we used cavities," said Hanna Bühler Adolfsson, guard at the Coast Guard.

The remediation work lasts the entire Sunday evening and continues even during Monday.

"We will fly again tonight and tomorrow bitti," says Bühler Adolfsson.

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