Min degrees and rain – now approaching autumn

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The week is still untouched by rains that cross the southwest. Stock Photography.

Autumn is approaching. The night was cold with minus degrees at the broad front of the northern parts, and the next few days are again characterized by rain and rain.

Several stations in the north measured minus degrees during the night. Kallast was in the Jämtlandsfjällen with three min-degrees in Storlien / Storvallen.

"It is now starting to fall and it is an elongated country, so it is not uncommon that this year minus degrees will be in the northern part," says Charlotta Eriksson, meteorologist at SMHI.

The meteorological fall, which means a daily mean temperature of less than ten plus degrees for five consecutive days, has already taken place along parts of the Norrlandsfjällen. In Gothenburg and East Sweden, however, there are still summer temperatures – although the low pressure and unstable weather changes affect the whole country.

Rainfall falls on the west coast during the Monday and moves in the afternoon and # 39; in the evening towards Svealand.

"At the same time there is another area of ​​repulsion towards Jämtland and the mountains of Västerbotten," says Charlotta Eriksson.

The rain area in the central and southern parts will move during the day with a few pilots in the morning hours. The rainfall in Jämtland is waving to the north.

"And then, on Wednesday, it will remain somewhat varied with a warehouse, until Thursday, when it seems like we have a more coherent wider rain area that touches the whole country," says Charlotta Eriksson.

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