Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist chooses questions about employees

As previously revealed by DN, press officer Marinette Nyh Radebo of Peter Hultqvist has a history in the lobby of the defense industry – including, among other things, a lobby organization with analyzes on how politicians can be influenced in defense and security issues.

Her husband and son have also taken over their lobbying companies that organized defense policy seminars in Almedalen – since then, Marinette Nyh Radebo & # 39; s chief, Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist (S), was present.

At an agreed interview With DNM's safety reporter Mikael Holmström in another subject on Wednesday morning, Peter Hultqvist did not want to answer questions about the sideline activities of Marinette Nyh Radebo.

Normally, Marinette Nyh Radebo is always present as a press officer during interviews with the government, but not this time.

Peter Hultqvist referred the questions about Marinette Nyh Radebo to the defense leader, Maria Hedegård, who was "willing to answer".

Maria Hedegård says they view the case on the basis of the ethical guidelines.

"As a member of the government offices you always have to think about how you perceive and how you perceive and how it is perceived by third parties, it is a general assessment, and in this specific case we look at that question and into the dialogue with the employee ", says Maria Hedegård.

Is it an inappropriate behavior?

"We look at the question on the basis of these new tasks, which have appeared in DN, for example, and I do not want to do that work.

According to Maria Hedegård, Marinette Nyh Radebo's own company was already a question when she took on the position of Peter Hultqvist's press officer.

"As an expedition manager, I started the dialogue with the employee when she started at the Ministry of Defense and after that dialogue she decided to close her commitment to the company," says Maria Hedegård.

Was it your phone call?

"As I said, I do not understand what has been said in such a dialogue, but I notice that she has completed the commitment after the dialogue, I can say.

The review from DN shows that Marinette Nyh Radebo did not abandon the company, but instead wrote it to her husband and sons. The activities, including the Arrangement Defense Arena in Almedalen, continued as usual.

The son, who is responsible for the company, has sold seminars in which Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist has participated since then.

The DN review also shows that Marinette Nyh Radebo, more than half a year after joining the Ministry of Defense, helped a lobbying company for security companies, SACS, to which she was a board member.

She held a lecture among other things about the driving forces of politicians and the context in which they can exert influence.

According to government agencies, employees can hold lectures under the condition that "it has no commercial character" and "after consultation with your boss".

Expediton and law officer Maria Hedegård says she can not answer questions about preference.

– With regard to this preference I do not have all the information in this specific case, but in general it is common for employees of the government agency to describe to various external groups how the work in the government, the government office and even in the Riksdag about the generally works.

You have not admitted that she preferred this to the lobby association?

– No.

Do you know if someone else did that?

"I can not see who approves it.

But does the guidelines state that you should consult your boss?

– We'll look at it, I can not answer it.

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