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Margot Wallström Sweden Minister of Foreign Affairs were visiting Nybro and Kalmar during Wednesday. The day began to visit PRO Kalmar province in Nybro to hear what they had for questions and concerns about the choice to approach the storms.

"I usually tell you that they, as they know very well, also have an influence on what happens in Sweden, directly and indirectly, I have talked about what we think are the most important election issues, and they are often talking about the issue. welfare policy and everything from the height of pensions to health care or adapted housing, says Wallström.

The visit to PRO was involved on many levels and there were many who started the discussion. Many pensioners nowadays have time and are interested in politics and what happens in the outside world, says Wallström.

"They were very interested and committed, we talked a lot about the climate, I think they recognize themselves in that, but what to say to the grandchildren you have, they had grandchildren the most, how should we be interested. politics but also for the world and what happens in the world and then the climate is a big problem.

After visiting Nybro it was time to go to Kalmar to talk with local politicians and give a speech Norrlidstorget in Norrliden.

"This is the most fun and one that makes the best of it. Being able to sit with people who are here with a special group or with pensioners to understand how the debate is, to encourage everyone to really voting rights, today it is important.

What is your most important choice on your part?

"In fact, I think it is a matter of great importance that we have to take seriously that many people are worried about what is going to happen and that many say that a stronger society is needed, strong individuals who fight for our own lives, but we also live in a society: how can we create a better society, what a good society is and then I think it will reduce the differences between different groups, provide meeting places and welcome diversity and tolerance in Swedish society, which will make us richer and better.

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