"Moderators are planning to cooperate with SD"

It is a strange election move this year. So many debates and interviews. Yet it is a big question that we do not solve every day to clarify: will the citizens help SD to complete the change of system, which Maud Olofsson called "Sosse-Sweden".

The point is that they think so.

The moderators are quite clear that they will and will do Ulf Kristersson everything to become prime minister. He would like to call himself an adult in the room, but he is above all an orthodox neoliberal who wants to dismantle the more or less socialist systems on which the welfare state is based.

Having a strong ideological will is not wrong, but in his short time as party leader Ulf Kristersson has shown more appeal for beautiful bags and honest one-liners than to give a serious and clear message in one go if he is willing to To form a government that relies on, cooperates with or leans against SD. With Kristersson the priest's more small crow than straight pipes. For every moderate person who pronounces a new dike about the question.

At the end of June, Tobias Billström declared that the Alliance agreed to determine the positions of the SD Committee Chair. Last week another "Bill Streamer" reigned with the support of SD. Kristersson then said that he agreed with Billström: "He did not give a new message about the most important thing, the Alliance's common sense is sunny, nothing has changed."

Because Kristersson refused to reject the meaning of the extended hand of Tobias Billström for SD cooperation, the only possible interpretation is that the moderates intend to cooperate with SD. Thomas Nordenskiöld in today's industry summed up the line: "Ulf Kristersson's mantra, to fight for strength" in the tile means that the moderates will try to seize power even if the reddish green becomes the largest block. Even if you need SD support every time the red-green parties stand on their own – and they do that quite often. This question is loaded within the alliance. But according to Tobias Billström there is nothing new to SD to get support, only the moderates are more open to it. "Ulf Kristersson will support and support the SD of Jimmie Åkesson.

The problem is that Kristersson will probably be helped by this acquisition by Jan Björklund and Annie Lööf. Both the center and the liberals constantly provide slogans not to negotiate and cooperate with SD, but these guarantees do not appear to be binding.

Jan Björklund said last summer: "Liberals will never be in a government that works with SD."

On a legitimate question from the TT about the Center, a moderate rivalry would depend on SD, so that Annie Lööf could not give a specific message. "I assume that this problem does not occur," says Lööf.

The most important thing is not to say. L and C have not even found me to support a moderator who leans on SD. Although the reddish green is larger. A voice on Annie and Janne becomes a voice on Jimmie and Uffe. It is a pathetic liberalism.

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