Morddömd has been released – this has happened

After a new trial of a murder case in Solna, a former convicted 62-year-old man was released at the court of the court in anticipation of them. This is what happened earlier in the case.

In December 2009, a 70-year-old man was found alive in a bathtub in an apartment in Solna. In the residence there was also the now 62-year-old man and a woman.

On October 21, 2010, the 62-year-old was convicted by Svea Hovrätt to fifteen years in prison for murder. The court considered that the man had drowned the victim's pool. This was partly based on a legal statement about the autopsy of the victim, partly on still images of the reconstruction of the police and partly on testimonies of a woman who was also in the apartment.

The 62-year-old requested dismissal in 2014, referring, among other things, to new expert opinions. He received no from the Supreme Court.

When he later resigned and recalled several expert statements and a new reconstruction, HD gave him a test permit. The public prosecutor also stated that the man was probably acquitted of him for murder if the new circumstances were known to the court.

The public prosecutor who had to take over the case, however, believes that the man must be fired for murder after he has undergone the previous investigation and even carried out a new reconstruction of the incident.

In August of this year the new lawsuit took place in Svea Hovrätt. The court announced on 24 August that the man will be released in anticipation of them.

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