MP: More organizations are making a contribution to security

State aid for measures to improve safety can be sought by more organizations than religious communities,

including organizations working for the rights of HGBQ people.

-All days are not as beautiful as Europride, says the language pipe Gustav Fridolin from the environmental department.

In connection with Europride in Göteborg, Minister of Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP) and Minister of Education Gustav Fridolin (MP) published the news.

– Every day is not as pretty as Europride, says Gustav Fridolin on the train home from the festival.

From 1 October this year, non-religious organizations can apply for government subsidies for security measures. For example, organizations that influence the rights of HGBQ people.

– For example, we have seen that Nazis and extremists have focused on hate and threats to HbTq organizations, says Gustav Fridolin

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Gustav Fridolin.

The association budget should go to another

Gustav Fridolin points out that it is important that HbTq people have places where they feel safe.

– If there is a need for security-enhancing efforts, it's not what the club's budget should be, says Gustav Fridolin.

The proposal covers all potentially threatened organizations and then the authorities will assess whether they will receive it. 19659004] – We need to ensure that organizations exposed to hatred and threats can make security efforts, says Gustav Fridolin.

The government estimates in the budget bill for 2018 new financing for government subsidies, from 7 million per year to 22 million in 2018, 22 million in 2019 and 15 million in 2020.

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