Muhammad Khorshid is closed after anti-Semitism

The L-politician active in Malmö has driven a Facebook account under a different name. There he should have called Jews and Armenians for unclean destruction.

Mohammed Khorshid confirms that there are two accounts on Facebook, but say that he is not the one behind the anti-Semitic account.

– The other is stuck by someone who stole my photos from my Facebook account and added lyrics to make me crazy. I have contacted the police about this.

He says he suspects IS supporters are behind the account.

Now the liberals in Malmö have decided to exclude Muhammad Khorshid from the party.

"We look extremely serious here, we liberals forcefully reject all opinions that people violate because of religion, skin color, gender and ethnicity," said Roko Kursar (L), president of the liberals in Malmö, in a press release.

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