National bomb guard on the way to Svartvik – presumably dangerous object was found

It was at 2.15 pm because there was a conversation about a suspected dangerous object in Svartvik.

"Patrull went to the place, but could not determine if the item was harmless, and then they sent photos about the item to the National Bomb Guard," said David Levy, commander of the police regional management center.

National bombing could not determine whether the object was harmless by seeing only the photos. Then they decided they had to go to the place.

"They are in Stockholm, but they were on their way to Västerbotten and only 90 minutes away and they will be coming to Svartvik in about 30 minutes, David Levy says at 4.40 pm.

In anticipation of the national bombing, the police are in order.

"They are blocked by an area," said David Levy.

The item may not be in a random place, but on a level.

The text is updated.

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