Negotiations on the tax agreement with Portugal are being renegotiated

Many rich Swedes Retirement age was attracted by the attractive tax benefits of Portugal, where the private occupational pension is tax-exempt.

But soon it will be possible to put an end to the sweet bread days, reports the SVT News. After Magdalena Andersson, the Minister of Finance, threatened to break the entire double taxation agreement, Portugal agreed to renegotiate the agreement. According to news from the SVT, a meeting is now scheduled at ministerial level.

In various articles Di has revealed a number of directors who have moved to the south, including Sandvik chairman Johan Molin, former CEO of Assa Abloy and Assumptions former CEO Staffan Grefbäck.

According to SVT News The Swedish pensioners in Portugal have an average income before relocating SEK 999,275, which is comparable to pensioners in Spain who had an income of 298,235 SEK.

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