New right party in Gothenburg the proletarian

Gothenburg has a new party that presents itself as the entire party of Gothenburg, a party that clears up Muteborg and takes back the power of bureaucrats and politicians. The barely one year old party In the latest opinion polls, the Democrats have sailed as the second largest party for the municipal elections in Gothenburg.

The biggest problem with the Democrats, however, is the resistance against the West Link. It is also the issue of leaders of the Democratic Party and large affiliates Martin Wannholt is famous for. Probably it is also the question of the Westlink, which will largely vote the party.

The problem of the West link is, in addition to an eye-catching billions project that will lay a blank blanket over the next 10-20 years about the expansion of municipal local traffic in Gothenburg, a symbol of strength and the brutal policy of Muteborg.

If we look further at what the Democrats and Martin Wannholt want, it is clear that they are a fairly classic right-wing dissatisfaction party. There are many good words about investing in schools, kindergartens, old people's homes and health care, creating safe environments in the city and building more houses. At the same time, it is emphasized that the municipality will only work with its core areas, everything else is better if the private company gets it done.


Martin Wannholt

Worked for many years as political secretary of the moderates in the city council.

Was the city council of 2010-2014 for the moderates in the city council of Gothenburg.

Arrived in the spring of 2014 as opposition to the West Link in contrast to the moderate party line.

At the 2014 elections he was the politician in Gothenburg who got the most crosses.

Expelled in the autumn of 2014 from the moderates but stayed in the city council and also as city council.

Created 2017 Democrats.

Money for all their promises The municipality will step in by selling all municipal companies, which the municipality still has nothing to do with the Democrats. To collect money, the public service must also be sold out.

Moreover, the power of politicians will decrease. Instead, & # 39; experts & # 39; sit on a shelf.

The Democrats raise many important issues, but their answers are quite crazy and, besides stopping the Westlink, they would be even worse in Gothenburg.

We have to do that up with bureaucracy and the whole göteborgandandan is clear. But giving the so-called experts the control instead of politicians with at least a formal responsibility, and selling and privatizing, is making money from gardeners.

The Democratic wall list is completely free of workers in the LO professions, there is a teacher and a nurse, but completely dominant are entrepreneurs, advisors and people with similar activities. So for Gothenburg they represent that it is possible that their policies would be good. But for workers and ordinary Gothenburg people, there is nothing positive to attract with democrats.

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