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He does not want to say that an electoral group is more important than anyone else, but says that SD meets many of the foreigners who have been born in the last two years and also has a special promotional material for suburbs.

TT: What do you think of those who can only be Arabic, for example, are they not interesting to you as voters?

If you can only speak Arabic and make a choice, you must first invest in Swedish learning, "says Joakim Wallerstein.

16 languages

Neither are the Social Democrats born abroad as a special focus group. A campaign folder has been developed in 16 different languages, but this is relatively short-lived.

We have many representatives who speak different languages, so we encourage them to do so and in this way reach more people, "says Johan Hassel (S), international secretary.

The ambition is to have active social-democratic associations throughout the country and he believes that the party has succeeded.

If you look at our lists and compare them with some other parties, I also think you see that there is a strong diversity in the Social Democrats.

Moderators' communications manager, Hampus Knutsson, also points to members of foreign-born party members as an important key.

Keep the door open

"We have many moderators from different countries and generations who can speak different languages ​​for conversations and doors, and we have translated information and promotional materials into a maximum of 15 languages, both digital and printed," he writes in an answer.

But he does not want to emphasize foreigners as a special focus group: "Every voter is important," he writes.

Pieter Bevelander, a professor at the University of Malmö, who studied the participation of foreigners, did not believe that this would have major consequences for the Swedish policy on voting participation in this group.

It is still true that the number of Swedes who do not vote is greater than the foreign-born population who do not vote. For this reason, the parties focus more on Swedish votes than foreigners, they are simply more, he says.

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