NMR is allowed to demonstrate in Stockholm

The police announced Monday afternoon that the Nordic resistance movement march through the center of Stockholm on Saturday, August 25th. According to the permission NMR will start from Kungsholmstorg and then take a predetermined route to Kungsholmen.

"The Swedish police are well able to maintain order and safety at general meetings, and the number of events this weekend is not really remarkable, but the extent to which and how they coincide in time and space will affect Stockholm. and risk assessments, we adapt actions, crew, skills and equipment to answer every situation as efficiently as possible, "said Carolina Paasikivi, vice president and CEO in a press release.

NMR had requested the demonstration train to start in Observatorielunden and then went via Svungägen via Kungsträdgården to Mynttorget. According to police reports, however, the demonstration routes sought were not accepted due to other weekend activities, including the Tough Viking match in Djurgården, the Stockholm triathlon and an animal rights march.

Even the revolutionary communist youth has been allowed to demonstrate the same day on the basis of the northern Bantorget.

During the NMR demonstration in the center of Gothenburg last March, rumors broke out when members of the organization tried to overtake all police and deviate from the predetermined route. 35 people were arrested in connection with the demonstration.

"We will be open this weekend with our expectations and advice to the public.No one will be surprised that the accessibility is limited, but you can instead choose options so that you arrive on time that your husband is on the road. will demonstrate, go to a concert or have other problems, says Carolina Paasikivi.

The police in the Stockholm region will receive reinforcements from other Swedes to carry out the mission.

"As with all major events, we help and that is why the police of other Swedes will be assisted in the planning and security work in Stockholm," says Carolina Paasikivi.

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