Norwegian thunderbirds above Göteborg Gothenburg Message

Already on Thursday night a thundercloud struck the west of Sweden. And it is only the beginning of a storm that culminates in the Friday. SMHI has issued a Class 1 alarm for rain and in order to solve such a problem, a forecast of at least 35 millimeters in twelve hours is required.

According to SMHI, there is a risk of large water collections, overflowing water pipes and flooded cellars.

And it will be a light wet Friday along the west coast.

"Can be one of the rainy days of summer"

The current prediction predicts that the rain will hit the hardest against Bohuslän and Dalsland. But Gothenburg is not entirely safe for rainforests. The most rainy day of the year in the western Swedish metropolis was August 12. When it rained east, it rained 43.7 millimeters in twelve hours, according to the foreca weather forecast.

If the predictions come in and the rain creeps closer to Gothenburg than what the predictions show at the moment, Friday can be a soft night.

"If this powerful rain only touches Gothenburg, it may be that Friday is one of the rainy days of the whole summer," says Ian Engblom at Foreca.

Norwegian cold front comes in

The rainwater is created in combination with low pressure outside Norway, Lofoten, and will reach beyond Western Sweden. After Friday it will go further east, why according to Foreca Saturday and Sunday will offer considerably less rain.

"On Sunday it is fairly quiet, it seems that most of the loose barns are and the sun can also look forward to it.

Do you have good tips for weekend activities that suit the rain?

– No, I do not really know. I will ensure. I usually sit and read, it is never wrong with a good book, says Ian Engblom.

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