Now autumn is approaching – here minus degrees were intact

Summer is really starting to end and autumn is approaching the storm. Last week SMHI warned of the Danish chaos rainfall that Sweden would pass and during the weekend it rained in different places.

But now it seems that the fall is closer than we think and along parts of Norrlandsfjällen it is actually autumn – according to the meteorological definition. That is when the daily average is lower than ten degrees, but five days in a row above zero.

During the night until Monday there were actually minus degrees at different stations in the north. The Jämtland mountains were the coldest, when Storlien / Storvallen was about three min degrees, Aftonbladet wrote via TT.

Because Sweden is so far away, it is not uncommon that it is minus in the north.

But there are still summer temperatures in Götaland and East Svealand, although there is still untouched weather. During the day the west coast gets rain, a rainfall that then continues towards Svealand. In Jamtland and the mountains in Västerbotten, are also affected by a rain shower. Up to and including Thursday will be shot here and where, Aftonbladet writes via TT.

When does autumn usually come?

In Stockholm autumn falls around September 29 and in Malmö, so autumn comes around October 12. If you live higher up in the country, it is rather, in Kiruna, that autumn usually comes around August 16 and in September on September 5 in Östersund.

Then it's time for the winter, but it's a good time to leave. But because it must be considered winter (ie according to the meteorological definition), the average daily mean should be zero degrees or less, according to SMHI.

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