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The early vote has now begun and the first of the party leaders to vote was Gustav Fridolin (MP) who left his vote in connection with a visit to Malmö Central Station. He had no problem choosing where his voice would fall if the climate problem had been one of the most striking in recent times.

This was an easy choice, says Gustav Fridolin after he has said his voice.

It is possible to premiere in all polling stations of the country as long as voters have ID cards and voting cards. Each municipality has at least one local open every day until the election day 9 September. Many also choose to vote before the election day. 2014 has considered more than 2.6 million, which was again an increase from 2010, when 2.3 million dropped early.

The foreign poll is already open on August 16 and you can also premiere from abroad. However, the letterster must have reached the election authority by the day before the election day. Foreigners are allowed to vote in the Swedish elections by visiting the Swedish embassy or consulate.

Even the Christian Democrats Ebba Busch Thor and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S) will vote today.

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