Oil spill in the Gothenburg archipelago – DN.SE

The drain consists of oil piles which must lie in a belt between Vinga, the harbor inlet in the direction of Göteborg and in a southerly direction to Brännö.

"What I can say is that it's about thick oil and that it's about chunks, from a single to a tennis ball in size, I would still appreciate it being 1000 meters wide and three kilometers long," says Per Mårtensson, guard at the Coast Guard, at the Gothenburg Post.

– We have security ships and smaller units in place. There is no suspicious source, one has tried to look back and to follow the sea traffic, but here it is so intense that it is impossible to extract the oil from a specific ship, "says Pernilla Östlund, communications officer for the Coast Guard. TT.

The release was discovered on Sunday by a private person who makes an alarm. According to Per Mårtensson, oil has landed on Flata brunskär, Trinda brunskär, Stora Känsö and Vargö south of Brännö. Coast Guard confirms the data.

"The oil has reached several notches and there is a risk that further cuts may be affected, we work with the Storebrand Rescue Service and keep the relevant municipalities informed," says Pernilla Östlund.

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