Older man disappeared – The police are asking for help

Mannan, who is in the 80s, suffers from dementia and disappeared from his summer home in Koppom during the early Sunday morning. The police are now eager to help the public in their search for the man.

– He was seen at 5.30 am, but has been lost since 7.30 am. It was then reported that his absence was a relative, says Stefan Wickberg, the president of the police in the Bergslagen region.

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The man should have been dressed in a dark blue sweater that can be seen as black and light blue trousers. The man is about 180 centimeters tall, has a normal bodybuilding and is witharig.

– We now have a patrol in place and more are coming. What I have understood is almost all Koppom now looking for this man, says Stefan Wickberg.

Anyone who has information to help the police find the man is asked to call the police on telephone number 11414.

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