One died in a road accident outside Örnsköldsvik

It was Monday at 7:23 am that the emergency service was informed of the accident on route 335 between Sidensjö and Örnsköldsvik. There was a road construction in progress and it was the road workers who saw and called the quarrel car, Magnus Umegård, deputy leader in the rescue service in Örnsköldsvik, said.

– He left the road, joking on a railing. It was quite a long journey in a forest, he says.

The car flew almost 100 meters in the accident. But it was probably not the wall building that caused the accident, because the work was basically complete, according to the rescue service.

"It was cold this morning and in some places it was low, but if that is the reason, we do not know, policemen are in place and examined," says Magnus Umegård.

The man who was 30 years old was seriously injured and taken to hospital, but his life could not be saved. His family members have been informed, says the police.

The man was alone in the car and there are no witnesses to the accident. It is unclear when the accident itself took place.

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