One person shot – transferred to hospital

The police were informed of the event on Saturday afternoon at 3.33 pm.

– A man at the age of 30 was found outside of Willys. He arrived there on a two-wheeled vehicle and then fell to the ground, "said Joakim Hansson, commander at the West Coast police.

According to police, the man was not shot at the place where he was found.

– The crime scene is at another place that we are now trying to find, Hansson says.

Searching for a helicopter

The police are looking for the crime scene in the area, also by helicopter.

– We carry out teamwork and research activities that focus on finding the crime scene, Hansson

The man was taken to the hospital

– He was awake and talkative, says Hansson.

No one has been arrested. [19659002] The Willys store is completely locked up in connection with the police

"The witness: he was completely knocked out"

Mattias Persson was in place and saw the shooting outside the Willys shop in Landvetter: [19659014] Eyes Witness Mattias Persson


– He was completely disabled. There were two ambulances in the field and a number of police cars. Then there is a Polish helicopter, so it's really true here.

– What I heard was that he shot in the leg or in the butt, says Persson.

According to the police, the injury or damage to the bulkhead should have been around the thigh or hip.

– According to the first information, this is the case.

Did the wounded man know of you before?

– We do not say that, "said Hansson 19659005] To operate

Immediately after 6 pm he announces that the police have found the crime scene, that is where the person was shot.

– It's a place in Landvetter, so much I can say, we're working on this point right now, says Joakim Hansson.

What about the suspension of a suspected offender?

– We have not arrested anybody yet, hopefully we can get new information when we hear it slip, but it will be postponed because it will be dumped in the hospital and will be operated on.

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