One shot in both legs in Hallstahammar

"The police were warned of the address because of an inconvenience and on the way up we received further information about the fact that photos were taken from the apartment," said Per Bjurström, chief officer in the police region of Mitt.

Once on the spot, the man wounded by a shot was only found in the apartment.

"I can not answer how seriously he was hurt, but he was completely talking when we came to the place and the perception we received was that he had been shot in both legs," says Per Bjurström.

The man is taken to hospital with ambulance and police have started a preliminary investigation into gross abuse. No one has been arrested yet, but the police have a good idea of ​​who the perpetrator is.

"The injured man had an idea of ​​who did this," says Per Bjurström.

According to the police, the man's condition must be stable, early Monday morning.

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