One was found shot after a warning about shooting in Katrineholm

At 20.20 on Sunday evening the police are interviewed about a suspected shooting in the center of Katrineholm. Several patrols went to the scene, where they found the wounded man in the 1930s.

– It happened in a kind of stairwell. It is not in a house, but the address is a house with several families, "says Magnus Holmström, chief officer in the Eastern police region.

The man is currently being taken to the hospital with unclear damage.

– He was shot, but with how many shots I do not know. It is not life-threatening as I am, "says Holmström.

Man shot in Katrineholm

The site has been closed and the police will carry out a technical investigation. At the same time, witness testimony and door knocking are performed in the area for more information about the event.

"We try to get people who may have seen or heard something and can tell.

At this moment, no grip is suspected of the crime. There is no indication that the public in the area should be worried, "says Magnus Holmström.

– We do not have a topic image at this time. But there is no reason for people to worry.

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