"Overreaction to Hanif Balis Image" – cultural use in P1

It is about a photo – a montage – that Bali has downloaded from a satir page and has re-published on its Instagram account.

The image now seems to have been removed, but on it Bali takes full combat equipment and heavy weapons with a text that he is at war with Dagens Nyheter.

The image is condemned by, among others, the publishers of magazines and vice-premier Isabella Lövin who sees the image as a threat to the murder of journalists, but "the image is taken from their context," says Lars Anders Johansson.

"It all started with the Christian Democrat politician Sara Skyttedal who was in Denmark for crimes because she had a defense party that is legal in Sweden, but not in Denmark When she told her on social media, she released a photo of herself a shooting range on a pistol where she posed with a revolver, which in turn led DN & # 39; s leader-writer Amanda Sokolnicki to the roof and claimed that the Christian Democrats would never have accepted it if it had depicted an immigrant chill from a suburb In turn, it reacted to the moderate parliamentarian member Hanif Bali by placing a photo on himself on a firing range with a sports shooting game in which he wrote: "Here you have an immigrant killer from a suburb." Then there was a lot of bad blood for one MP who posed with a weapon on an image, and those were the reactions that Hanif Bali was involved in when he published this satir page The Mi I Party re-published about the poster "Call of Duty", which stated: Lars Anders Johansson and continues:

"All of this becomes incomprehensible if you do not know prehistoric times, but like Vice-Prime Minister of Sweden, Isabella Lövin, understands that Hanif Bali is murderous by journalists – it is extremely powerful.

Does this mean that you do not see a problem with the image itself?

"There is a general problem with a tone in the debate and a particular difficulty for a politician with a politician like Hanif Bali who deliberately appeals to this memo culture on the internet with a metaphor that can be seen as" across the border "for people If you are not accustomed to this memo culture, then you may wonder if it is appropriate for a member of the Swedish Legislative Assembly to communicate in a way that is so clearly misunderstood, says Lars Anders Johansson.

Kulturnytt has applied for Hanif Bali for a comment but did not get it, but on his Facebook account, Bali writes that it would be strange for him to threaten journalists and that nobody with a good conscience can claim that he did.

However, there is a problem that a parliamentary politician publishes such an image, but the head of the media institute Fojo, Kersti Forsberg:

"Whatever I think, I'm totally sad about what the social climate is all about. Being a parliamentary politician, rather than just citing journalism and journalizing in the democratic society, as we know, is choosing to go into war to behave, says Kersti Forsberg and continues:

"It sounds drastic, but I would like to say that it is completely dangerous for the democratic society if you do not see journalists and journalism as an important part of how democracy will survive.

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