Özgür Tasbas leaves the Democrats – after the GT review

Özgür Tasbas sits in the city council and chairs the district council in eastern Gothenburg. He was chosen for the Party of the Environment, but chose to leave the party in the spring but left his assignments as so-called political game.

Then he joined the local party party Democrats, a party for which he had campaigned in the electoral movement.

This week GT has revealed that Özgür Tasbas was in the club of the presidium when decisions on the future of the Gärdsås school in Kortedala were made.

Five weeks later he applied for – and received – the service as an intendent with a seat in the management team for the same school.

Tasbas leaves the Democrats

Behind the recruitment was his friend and former colleague of the work: the director of the school, Robert Svensson.

Now Tasbas leaves the party.

"This summer, I became a member of the Democrats, and with its harsh policies and experienced representatives, I think they will bring the change that many people are dreaming about in Gothenburg, and I have chosen to end my membership today.", he writes in an e-mail.

Rector Robert Svensson confirmed that he and Özgür Tasbas were friends in the past – something that Tasbas did not see as a problem.

He thinks he sees no problems with the connection with his political mission or the relationship with his new boss, because he says he was only on a professional level.

"Giant Practical"

"You, most jobs in Sweden are added by looking at and maybe working and knowing each other, which is really great?" Said Özgür Tasbas earlier.

According to Folke Johansson, emeritus professor and political scientist at the University of Gothenburg, Tasbas was free to visit the school service, but said it was a matter of deception.

"It seems obvious that there is a jaw situation based on the information that has arisen, sometimes the term delicatessen is used when someone has a relationship with one of the applicants, and that is what he is in. He should have refused to participate. to the handling of the case, he said earlier this week, regarding the director's decision.

A handbook of deception and bribery that the government office talked to employees and leaders in public activities last year described how a person who is "friend or unfriend of someone who is a party or has interests in the matter" can be considered disgusting

Özgür Tasbas colleagues in Stadsdelsnämnden Östra Göteborg have been very critical of what has happened. They say they detour & # 39; & # 39; got acquainted with the employment.

Kalle Bäck, KD, district council in the second vice president of Gothenburg, says he would never act in the same way as leading politicians.

– I would not have done it this way. Absolutely not. I would at least have been very careful in looking for work in management, where I have a leading position. If you do that, you must be very clear about it and open to it.

"Little strange"

He also thinks that it became even more problematic when the work went to the leading politician shortly after important decisions were taken at the same workplace.

"It gets a bit weird when it gets so close together.

Özgur Tasbas stated that he was driving in the decision that Gärdsåsskolan would be intraprenaded because it is one of the goals the city council has set to promote intraprenades.

Özgür Tasbas writes that he fully respects the critical review of the press, but believes that the articles about him are misleading and "unfair to the Democrats".

"I am one of the more than 2000 other members, nor do I have internal trust obligations and such "

I do not want to comment further

The GT has had contact with Özgür Tasbas who does not want to respond any further, but refers to his e-mail.

On Saturday afternoon, the Democrats left a statement on their Facebook page.

"Özgür Tasbas has never had a political mission for the Democrats.

On the other hand, he helped with campaign activities. Özgür is now dealing with questions about his employment in the municipality, which requires further investigation.

Democrats have the demands and expectations of everyone who participates in our party and we always act on relapses and incidents ", writes Section Secretary Veronica Öjeskär.

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