Özgür Tasbas takes the decision on Gärdsåsskolan

As the GT has been able to reveal, the political will and chairman of the district council Östra Göteborg, Özgür Tasbas, has been given the position of commissioner at the school of Gärdsås in the same district as he himself leads.

As part of the service, he is included in the management team of the school and is directly subject to the director – a former colleague and friend for himself.

Five weeks before Özgür Tasbas submitted his application, he had held the club of the presidium when the board took a so-called focus decision for the school of Gärdsås to continue with a transformation for more self-government – intraprenad.

The decision was taken at one of the last meetings before the newly established elementary school took over responsibility for the school on 1 July.

"Özgür was very concerned about the issue of Gärdsåsskolan, I think it's a bit weird today, he was very enthusiastic, Lena Landén-Ohlsson, S, first vice-chairman of the board.

Özgür Tasbas.

photo: Press image Environmental Party

"Be very driving"

How did it become?
"He was very interested in making decisions, you might think we might have to wait for primary school to take over, but he wanted to go faster, and afterwards I thought he really wanted it to be like that.

The image is shared by another vice-chairman of the same committee, Kalle Bäck, KD.

– I do not have another photo. The question has already been raised several times and he has insisted, he says.

The decision meant green light for Gärdsåsskolan to continue working for more self-government. Something that the director of the school has been doing for some time with the support of the staff.

"Is very interested in this"

Özgür Tasbas says that although he strongly sympathizes with the idea of ​​giving more schools and other activities more self-government via intraprenad, he denies that there is anything in particular about his dedication to the Gärdsås school.

"I have not been more authoritarian or anxious than anyone else, I would have liked to have seen this throughout the term of office, and I have been curious that many entities would have to apply for it throughout the mandate, and I am very interested in this.


photo: Daniel Olsson

Kalle Bäck, KD, thinks that when the tours around the work of Özgür Tasba are "most remarkable". This concerns both the situation with the chairman looking for a service in his own administration and friendships between the director and the politician, in which Professor Professor Folke Johansson discovered that Friday was clearly disgusting.

"It is unfortunate that we have not been better informed in the Bureau and the Board of Directors, but find out," says Kalle Bäck.

Openness has been requested

He says he would never act in the same way as leading politicians.

– I would not have done it this way. Absolutely not. I would at least have been very careful in looking for work in management, where I have a leading position. If you do that, you must be very clear about it and open to it.

He thinks it will be even more problematic when the job goes to the leading politician shortly after important decisions have been made at the same workplace.

"It gets a bit weird when it gets so close together.

Özgür Tasbas was elected as a member of the General Assembly and became chairman of the District Council of East Gothenburg for the Environmental Party. But he left the party for the protest party Democrats in the spring. Today he is one of the campaigners of the party for the elections.

He himself denied having more than working relations with the director of the school of Gärdsås, who provided him with service in competition with ten other applicants. The Rector herself also described them as friends in his spare time. Tasbas with wife was among other guests at the wedding of the president. He also pointed out that the final decision on the school of Gärdsås, the financial decisions, will be taken by the primary school later this year.

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